DeepRacer Santa Cruz Meetup

Author: Chris Miller
Last modified: February 8, 2020

Cloud Brigade Launches DeepRacer Meetup

The AWS DeepRacer platform brilliantly made Machine Learning approachable by gamifying the learning process. DeepRacer is a 1/18th scale autonomous racing car with an onboard computer, camera, and a growing list of sensors such as Lidar and stereoscopic vision. Introduced at the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference, the official DeepRacer league has over 1500 members across the globe.

The Santa Cruz DeepRacer meetup group was started by a 2019 DeepRacer League winner from Santa Cruz (Chris Miller from Launch Brigade / Cloud Brigade). With a growing number of Central Coast locals interested in Machine Learning, the purpose of this meetup group is to build a community and explore the DeepRacer platform further. Events will include tutorials, knowledge sharing, and racing events on real tracks with the DeepRacer car.

To sign up for the Santa Cruz DeepRacer Meetup Group click here

Watch the KSQD interview with Chris Miller to find out more.