Cloud Brigade Labs


The Cloud Brigade Lab provides a space for individuals with computer science experience to extend their knowledge and explore technology. As a result of Covid we weren’t fully utilizing our office, and we decided everyone would be better served if we used the space to help fill a hole in the community – the gap between public education and job requirements.


Cloud Brigade has a strong track record providing educational experiences through internships and apprenticeships. We even created a coding book camp in 2010, before any others existed. Since then we’ve run over 50 internships, and hired 18 of those interns.

As a company which leans into emerging technology, we conduct a lot of internal research and development. It’s our way of throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. We work on projects from practical to absurd, and we’re always impressed with what comes from this effort.


In the labs we work with Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Internet of Things, and a wide variety of Open Source software. Through our technology partnerships we often receive early “pre-release” access to hardware and software, allowing us to create and flush out solutions before these products hit the market.

The lab also serves as an educational tool and the foundation of our internship program. Through structured projects, interns are mentored through the R&D process and collaborate with team members to achieve project milestones. We teach coders how to “Ship a Product”.


The Lab concept is brand new and evolving. Our initial plans include :

  • Host technology related meetups
  • Provide self paced learning experiences
  • Provide “Office Hours” with mentorship
  • Provide internships for R&D projects

What we do in the lab is really going to be driven organically by the needs of the community. With the pandemic receding into the new normal, meeting in person safely is now possible.


Santa Cruz has a rich blend of technology meetups which are beginning to return, and we will offer our space to host these. The growing lineup includes :

Santa Cruz DeepRacer Meetup
Santa Cruz Machine Learning Meetup

Self Paced Learning

The lab provides access to hardware to explore self paced learning. Build a Linux server, program an IoT device, build a computer vision project, teach a car how to drive (and race it), create a music composition AI, and more.

In the lab we are able to provide access to the following devices for in-lab use :

  • Rack mount servers
  • IoT devices (8266/ESP32, RaspberryPi)
  • AWS DeepLens
  • AWS DeepRacer
  • AWS DeepComposer

Office Hours

Members of the Cloud Brigade team and others will provide office hours where mentorship will be provided. Have a need to better understand something? Can’t resolve a technical problem? This is the place.


Cloud Brigade has conducted numerous internships, designed to align participant interests with a real-world projects. We’ve worked with individuals and teams across a number of different disciplines and concepts. Recent R&D projects in the lab include :

We have no shortage of practical (and crazy) ideas which will serve as structured internships opportunities. Some of the above projects continue to evolve, and provide additional opportunities to learn and contribute.

If you are interested in applying for opportunities with the labs, fill out our form below.

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