AI Partnerships Corp. welcomes Cloud Brigade to its AI Network

Author: Allison Darin
Last modified: June 7, 2021

Posted March 17th, 2021 on AI Partnerships Corp. blog

Cloud Brigade and AI Partnerships Corporation (AIP) have joined a partnership to help innovate and shape the AI market. Every day they push the agenda to implement new ML/AI ideas to enhance the way society functions, and AIP is thrilled to have a partner who believes in the power of technology and community. 

AIP aims to help the small and medium-sized enterprises leverage AI to grow their business. Utilizing their global company network, AIPs arsenal of AI technologies, experience and resources is continually expanding. This community of AI companies work together to evolve businesses for the better – providing next-generation AI business solutions.

Cloud Brigade provides strategic, custom business and technical services. Since 2005, they have served small to large companies, focusing on building innovative projects and solving complex business problems with technology.

For over 15 years, Cloud Brigade has utilized their extensive breadth and depth of software development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence skills and experience to increase customer business growth, referrals and partnerships. The team also provides a wide range of operational IT services including business intelligence, cloud infrastructure, and system support.

As a purpose-driven company, Cloud Brigade is committed to providing services enabling companies to make a positive impact with meaningful outcomes. Furthering this mission, they help build up surrounding communities, empower nonprofits and educational organizations through technology and as a result, launched the careers of 40+ local college students. 

Cloud Brigade is also an AWS Select Consulting Partner and is working aggressively to grow their cloud business. In recognition of their growing business and passion for community, AWS recently invited them to join their AWS Community Builders program and to take a leading role in the deployment of AWS DeepLens – a fully programmable video camera for deep learning. 

AWS DeepLens is a powerful edge computing device, putting machine learning in the hands of developers with a fully programmable video camera, code, and pre-trained models designed to support a wide range of applications.

Please get in touch via email or schedule a brief meeting to discuss how we can assist your business with an AI/ML project.

What’s Next

If you like what you read here, the Cloud Brigade team offers expert Machine Learning as well as Big Data services to help your organization with its insights. We look forward to hearing from you.

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