Covid-19 Data Exploration

Author: Chris Miller
Last modified: March 15, 2021

Cloud Brigade has been exploring Covid 19 data using Machine Learning algorithms, focusing on (or digging deeper) into data points that we feel were under-reported in the media. You can read more about our work in our blog, including this post.

Covid-19 Infections and Deaths in Santa Cruz

In this dashboard we look at infection and death rates in our county, and color code this information based on the restriction tiers imposed. This serves to provide a time-series representation of the data, and to see how the restriction tiers may have impacted the spread of Covid-19 or the mortality rates.

Covid-19 Impact on Socio-economic and Race Groups

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With over 20 years of experience in the IT technical field as a system administrator and operations manager at a local internet service provider, Chris founded Cloud Brigade to support the growing number of companies adopting internet technologies in the cloud.


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