Community Building Brigade-Style

Author: Allison Darin
Last modified: December 18, 2020

On Thursday July 30th, Amazon Web Services announced a new developer community, AWS Community Builders Program. For months, Chris Miller, founder & CEO of Cloud Brigade, has had to keep this exciting news a secret. Due to Chris’s public contributions around AWS services, he was invited to participate within the Beta phase of this important program.

“I am honored and grateful for being invited to participate in this community,” said Chris. “As an AWS Community Builder I participate in an exclusive community of AWS enthusiasts, build cool things, and write about those experiences.”

Some of Chris and the Cloud Brigade team’s AWS contributions include advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects like the Poopinator and as a finalist in the 2019 AWS DeepRacer Challenge, a global autonomous racing league. Several additional cool projects are in the works, and it’s encouraged to stay informed on Cloud Brigade’s latest news.

This program’s purpose resonates with the Cloud Brigade team because it’s similar to what drives its own mission. Cloud Brigade is not only passionate about helping others build on AWS, but also passionate about helping companies make a positive market impact with meaningful outcomes. The Cloud Brigade team is all about building up communities and improving community knowledge sharing. Its 15 year presence and involvement within the Santa Cruz community is far and wide, including launching the careers of 40+ local college students. Now with Chris and Cloud Brigade’s extended AWS Community Builder resources, the team is looking forward to expanding its reach and advancing its innovation for any business or technical challenges out there.

If you’d like Cloud Brigade’s assistance with your project, please contact them here:

If you’d like to apply to join the AWS Community Builders Program, it’s open to accept a limited number of global applicants per year. Apply here:




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