Cloud Brigade announces AI Chatbot Development Service

Author: Chris Miller
Last modified: September 19, 2023

A day doesn’t go by without hearing about AI, ChatGPT, and GenerativeAI. It’s true, these technologies are quickly changing many aspects of our daily lives, particularly in business. While there’s certainly a lot of hype out there, now is the time to determine how you can actually leverage these transformative technologies to enhance your business.

ChatGPT is making it possible for anyone to write document summaries, create marketing content, conduct research, generate recipes, and even write code. But while these are powerful ways to use conversational AI, they don’t truly take advantage of the underlying power of the technology known as a Large Language Model, or  LLM for short.

The primary strength of an LLM is its ability to derive meaning from conversation, rather than just spout facts, text, and records. Because today’s LLMs were trained on a massive amount of data from the internet, for instance, their historical knowledge is limited by the training data – ChatGPT’s knowledge ends around September 2021. But these models can generate novel, meaningful content.

What if you want to use an LLM to generate an output on current events, or your own non-public data? For this you need a chatbot with extended functionality, and in many business cases, secure access to private data which needs to stay private.

Another strength of LLMs is the ability to reason and work toward a specific goal through a series of communications referred to as “prompts”. Known as Prompt Engineering, this is the act of providing clear instructions to the LLM, and iterating upon a series of steps to arrive at an outcome. You might liken this to describing a series of steps to a (brilliant) five year old so that they complete a task exactly how you intended.

By combining these and other features of ChatGPT, which was only released late last year, we already are able to create custom Chatbots with excellent capabilities. These can serve a variety of duties and use cases within a business, enhancing  productivity, improving customer service, and adding value in a way that was not possible last year.

Did you know there are a variety of LLMs out there other than ChatGPT? Did you know that no single LLM is good at everything?

There is a large and growing ecosystem of LLMs and supportive tools from companies like OpenAI, Hugging Face, Anthropic, Meta, AI21 Labs, StabilityAI, and others. Each of these has its strengths and weaknesses, and solutions often use more than one LLM to arrive at the desired outcome.

If you are ready to begin your AI journey and could benefit from applying these technologies to automate your business, Cloud Brigade wants to hear from you! Contact us to have a discussion with our CEO about your challenges and goals.

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