AWS Hero at Cloud Brigade

Author: James Balestrieri
Last modified: June 9, 2021

The Amazon Heroes program was established to recognize innovators who have gone above and beyond in providing valuable information and unique perspectives in the Tech and AWS community. AWS Heroes are recognized all around the globe and being deemed one is a distinctive honor. Heroes clearly convey the new discoveries they have via blog posts, social media, etc.

Very recently, CEO of Cloud Brigade Chris Miller was named as one of the six AWS Machine Learning Heroes in North America (31 Globally). Chris has devoted himself to his passion of constantly finding new ways to implement AI and ML technology into everyday scenarios to make our lives simpler.

In recent years he has embarked on a variety of AI projects including the AWS DeepRacer Open Source project. DeepRacer is a 1:18th scale self-driving model car, and was designed to introduce the capabilities of ML technology in a fun way to software developers.

Chris was tasked by AWS to expand on capabilities of the DeepRacer by implementing AI technology that allowed the autonomous car to control a toy blaster. This fun yet ingenious innovation, and the knowledge sharing is the type of work Chris enjoys working on and hence the reason he was deemed an AWS Hero.

Chris is honored to be in such a prestigious group of individuals and looks forward to sharing his ideas and discovery with the community.

Learn more about Chris here!

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