What is Artificial Intelligence?

Most likely you’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Even though the bots haven’t taken over our jobs just yet, you may not realize how much we interact with this technology on a daily basis. If your business has not yet implemented AI technology it’s time for you to consider incorporating it in the near future. Covid significantly increased the need for businesses to be more competitive, streamline operations, and increase efficiency and productivity. This can all be accomplished via AI and ML technologies.

Are you new to AI and want to learn more?

Watch the webinar below to discover how AI can be implemented in your business!

In this non-technical webinar, we provide the following :

  • An overview of Artificial Intelligence
  • Example business use cases
  • How to approach problem solving with AI
  • A great Q&A with the audience

Use the Topic Control to jump around to your area of interest.

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What’s Next

If you like what you read here, the Cloud Brigade team offers expert Machine Learning as well as Big Data services to help your organization with its insights. We look forward to hearing from you.

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