Amazon CloudFront and Cloud Brigade

Amazon CloudFront is a content deliver network (CDN) with a variety of capabilities. With Amazon CloudFront you can quickly deliver data, videos applications and APIs to customers across the globe. CloudFront is also equipped with advanced security measures to ensure your information is kept safe. Field level encryption combined with AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall and Amazon Route 53 are all integrated within CloudFront to ensure safety. Cloud Brigade relies on Amazon CloudFront as a cost effective CDN capable of safely and reliably transmitting valuable information whenever needed.


CloudFront gives you fast, sustained data transfer rates to deliver large objects to end users at scale instantly


You only pay for the content you deliver through the CloudFront network, without minimum commitments or upfront fees


CloudFront is built using Amazon’s highly reliable, safe, and secure global infrastructure


A single API call lets you get started on CloudFront and you can use the same domain name to point to all of your content


CloudFront automatically responds as demand increases or decreases without any intervention from you


CloudFront uses a global network of edge locations near your end users in the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America & Australia

CloudFront Case Studies


Solar Electric Supply Turns Up the Power of Its Website with Help from Cloud Brigade Challenge Expansive website needed to be migrated and then optimized for user experience and search. Benefits Website now supports e-commerce Web search rankings remain high User experience is optimized IT systems are fully supported with quick response Summary Customer Since 2005Located in Scotts Valley, CA Industry: Industrial Supplies and ManufacturingCompany Size: Midsize Enterprise Garrett Gettleman, President and CEO Founded in

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MAPS Customer Case Study

Cloud Brigade is the trusted caretaker of the Cloud Environment for Non-Profit, MAPS. MAPS needed to keep its website content searchable and available during a complicated migration as well as maintain a secure cloud environment at a reasonable cost, and Cloud Brigade came through.

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